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About Dr Rupal K Anandpara

Dr Rupal has BHMS degree from University of Pune. She has a post- graduate qualification in Hospital Administration. She has been practising Homeopathy in Hong Kong since 2001, having previously practiced it in Mumbai for 8 years. Dr Rupal has conducted many seminars and workshops on homeopathy.

In a consultation, Dr Rupal finds the most appropriate constitutional remedy by undertaking a thorough case study of the patient: she considers the patient’s physical as well as mental make-up, emotional status, his/her sensitivity towards external stimuli, and other causative factors of disease


Rupal醫生從浦那大學(Pune University)取得BHMS學位,並獲得醫院管理研究生學歷。自2001年以來,她一直在香港採用順勢療法治療,在此之前在孟買行醫8年。Rupal醫生舉辦了許多有關順勢療法的研討會和工作坊。