Acute Diseases

webphotosCommon cold

Organisms responsible are adenoviruses, influenza, rhinovirus,parainfluenza. Conventional medicine treat it with decongestant, antihistaminis, and sometimes antibiotics. Many children actually suffer from cold in very frequent bouts. 2-3 times in a month. Treating them with homeopathy will not only give prompt relief from symptoms but also save them from tummy upset, irritability, drowsiness etc.caused by allopathic drugs. As their resistance power will increase, the frequency of falling sick will decrease.

Case 1)- little girl aged 2 yrs came with running nose, watering of eyes and mild fever since 1 day. Nasal discharge was yellowish white. Foul smell from nose and mouth, like an old cheese. I saw tonsils were inflamed. Child was cranky, felt chilly and tired. Homeopathic medicine HEPAR SULPH 200 was given. By evening child was playing well, discharge from nose reduced, temperature came to normal. Second dose at night, and in the morning, no sign of any illness. I want to give you a message that homeopathy can act fast contrary to the belief that it takes time to act.

Adenoids and tonsillitis

These are defense organs. When they are infected, give symptoms like- throat pain, difficulty in swallowing, fever, URTI is usually associated with it. It may be viral or bacterial infection. Younger children may not complain of sore throat, but refuse to feed normally. Untreated tonsillitis can lead to many complications pertaining to kidney, joints, heart.


Case 2)-  A boy aged 4&1/2 yrs came with complaint of recurrent tonsillitis giving rise to high fever, difficulty in swallowing- since 1 yr. at each episode of high fever he was treated with antibiotics, as fever would not respond  to paracetamol or other antipyretic drugs. On examination, tonsils were enlarged, leaving very little space between them.

This is a case where thorough case taking is needed. After 1 hour of history taking I came to the CONSTITUTIONAL medicine. (CALC PHOS). As he started homeopathic treatment, the duration between the 2 episodes of sickness lengthened. Next episode of infection, he was asked to take paracetamol only if fever exceeded 101 degree Fahrenheit. But infection came under control within 2 days. After 4 months of continuous treatment he no longer was suffering from those frequent bouts of illness. His weight increased considerably and started doing well in his studies.

Other medicines for this condition- CALC FLEUR, GELS, BARITA CARB, ARS IOD, MERC SOL, TUBERCULINUM

Otitis media

This means infection of middle ear. Ear, nose and pharynx are connected to each other. Of such, one canal is Eustachian tube. So the infection from nose and pharynx  easily travel to ear. Infants are more susceptible to acute middle ear infection because their Eustachian tube is relatively short.  IN CASE OF EXCESSIVE CRYING OF INFANTS, INFECTION OF EAR SHOULD BE RULED OUT.

The signs that an infant will show are, fretfulness, frequent rubbing of ear, rolling of head from side to side, fever . the older children may simply complain of popping voices in ear.

Homeopathy has range of remedies for this. Eg-ACONIT, BELLADONA, PULSATILA, KALI BICH, SILICEA, HEPAR SULPH, TELLURIUM etc.

A study was published in pediatric infectious disease journal. It was conducted for not more than 36 hrs for children aged 18 mnths to 6 yrs suffering from acute otitis media given homeopathic medicines only. It showed that 76% were relieved in by this treatment.