Chronic Diseases

webphotosAllergic Rhinitis

This too will give rise to symptoms like sneezing, running nose, burning eyes. Family history of allergy can be traced in most cases. They will have the bouts whenever they are exposed to dust, fumes, ecsessive humidity, pollution.

Homeopathic medicines for this condition are, ARS ALB, FERRUM PHOS, MEDORRHANUM, NATRUM MUR, NATRUM SULPH etc.

Bronchial asthma

Here dyspnea is due to spasm of the bronchi which is a result of hyper reactivity of the airway to a variety of stimuli.
The child patient s with asthma may be classified into grades, according to severity and course of their illness.

  • Subclinical asthma- the first episode of wheezing usually occursafter the age of 3 years and the attacks cease befor the child is 8 yrs old
  • Mild episodic asthma- the child generally suffers from 3-4 attacks in a year and there may be spontaneous remission by the age of 10 to 12 yrs.
  • Moderately sever asthma- the onset of illness usually is befor age of 2. attacks generally more sever and prolonged. The asthma contiues in later life.
  • Severe- these account for less than 5 % of all cases of child hood asthma. These children often get more than 10 attacks in 3 months and episodes are more severe and prolonged.

Other classification is extrinsic- allergic type where IgE  level is increased and intrinsic – non-IgE mediated.Remember ALL THAT WHEEZES IS NOT ASTHMA. There has to be proper diagnoses of asthma. In homeopathy there are many remedies for asthma, but they will not work unless right remedy is choosen after thorough case taking. Prolonged homeopathic treatment will bring down the number of episodes and severity in each episodes will be decreased.