For Pets / 順勢療法與動物/寵物

animalsPrescribing criteria for pets is same as prescribing for infants and children. We observe their behavior and other signs to prescribe the remedy.

Here are some basic pet remedies:

  • Aconite – fear, shock, fever, pain, cat flu
  • Arnica – injury, bruise, pre and post surgery
  • Hypericum – any injury involving nerve damage. Pain in foot, toes.
  • Ruta – injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, bruising over bones.
  • Rhus tox – rheumatism, joint pains. For animals that are stressed with travelling in vehicle use 30 potency along with aconite 30.
  • Bryonia – pain worst on slightest motion.
  • Belladonna – fever, heat stroke, toothache.
  • Cantharis – acute cystitis. Urinating inside house, blood in urine.
  • Ignatia – if the causative factor is emotional or grief which is causing animal to withdraw and pine.



•附子 – 恐懼,驚嚇,發熱,疼痛,貓流感
•山金車 – 損傷,瘀傷,手術前後
•金絲桃 – 累及神經任何損傷。腳或腳趾痛。
•野葛- 風濕、關節痛。對於那些使用車輛時感到緊張的動處方,藥力強度30加上附子30。
•瀉根 –慢動作時痛得最厲害。
•顛茄 – 發燒、中暑、牙痛。
•斑蝥 – 急性膀胱炎。屋內小便,尿中帶血。
•呂宋果- 如果病因是情緒或悲傷,造成動物離群和衰弱。