Testimonials / 嘉許


My son (aged 6) and daughter (aged 3.5) have both benefited from the homeopathic remedies prescribed by Dr Rupal when they have been sick. I find Dr Rupal to be very experienced in her field, she will continue to seek out what is the correct remedy and dosage for a particular ailment, always taking the patient’s constitution into consideration. I am happy that I have found the reliable and experienced homeopath in Hong Kong to treat my children when they fall ill.  –Ann Reid

Both my children Kei and Rina have benefited from homeopathic remedies which were prescribed by Dr Rupal. It was a wonderful experience for us to know about homeopathy and we do not need to seek allopathic medicine any more. They’ve obviously improved their health and reduced number of times to see a doctor. Kei 7 yrs old now, cured asthmatic cough followed by his eczema when he got in his young age. Riina 4 years old now, who is not on any serious allergy condition and has seen Dr Rupal from 1 year old age, has always recovered cold and children disease with homeopathy.  –Satoe Sasaki

I have been visiting Dr. Rupal since 2012. By the time when I first met Dr. Rupal, my health was so damaged by too much dosage of antibiotics, I felt my body was unable to recover from any illness. It was a miracle when Dr. Rupal’s prescription got me to recover really quickly and the illness that emerged because of weak immune system never happened again. Dr. Rupal is a very attentive doctor and I would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for alternative treatments to health problems. –Belinda Chan (Public Relations)

In June 2012 I used to fall down suddenly, unconscious and I saw private specialist doctors and conducted all tests for about 6 months & could not get cured or find the cause. Finally a thought came to me to see homeopathic doctor. Someone recommended me Dr.Rupal Anandpara. She gave some medicines and some tips on exercises. People say it takes time to recover with these medicines but to my surprise I felt better next day itself after taking the medicine. In a matter of 2-3 months I was fully recovered. Since I have met her, I live my life without any incident –Larry Nandwani (Age 66)


我6歲的兒子和3歲半女兒生病時都服用由Rupal醫生處方的順勢療法療劑,大有幫助。我覺得Rupal醫生在她的領域富有經驗,努力尋找針對特定疾病的 正確療法及劑量,一直以患者的體質為依歸。我很高興能在香港遇上這麼可靠和有經驗的順勢療法醫生,讓孩子生病時能得治療。。
– Ann Reid

我 的兩個孩子Kei和Rina都受益於由Rupal醫生處方的順勢療法療劑。這是一個奇妙的經歷,讓我們認識順勢療法,不再需要採用對抗療法。孩子 的健康明顯改善,看醫生的次數減少。Kei 現在7歲了,他哮喘咳嗽和其後在小時候患上的濕疹都得治癒。Rina現在4歲,沒有什麼嚴重的過敏症,從1歲便開始求診於Rupal醫生,感冒和兒童疾病 都藉著順勢療法治癒。
–Satoe Sasaki


– Belinda Chan(公共關係)

2012 年6月我突然暈倒,不省人事。我用了大約6個月看了一些私家專科醫生及進行所有測試,但是無法治癒,也找不出原因。最後靈光一閃,決定去看 順勢療法醫生。有人向我推薦RupalAnandpara醫生。她處方了一些藥和建議我做一些身體練習。人們說靠這些藥物是需要時間才康復,但是出乎我的 意料,服藥後的第二天,我已經感到好些。在2到3個月的時間內,我完全康復。自從我遇到她,我的生活安逸。
-Larry Nandwani(66歲)